Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store mural

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store located in Jordan, Minnesota underwent an amazing update during the early months of 2018. Artist Shawn McCann headed up a group of artists to create “Gotham and Beyond” in middle section of the candy store. In September it was announce that “Gotham and Beyond” had won the 2018 CODAWorx People’s Choice Award. I was just one of many talented artists that got to participate in this amazing project.


photo: Nathan Klok - Panoramic shot of the mural


Each of us got the chance to add a little piece of ourselves into the mural. I added the Lego Parisian Cafe


Shawn McCann (Lead)
Shane Anderson
Jessica Barnd
Sharyn Chan
Helctor Diaz
Julie Jilik
Allison Olstad
Craig Thomas
Tonya Youngberg